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EZ Empire Builder Is a Powerful New Wordpress Plugin That Will...

...About Driving Visitors to Your Site.

EZ Empire Builder Makes it Easy For the Average Person to Take Any Database And Quickly Turn it into a High Quality, Money Making Web Site!

Discover How Our Members Make Thousands of Dollars Every Single Month Using This Completely NEW Never Before Seen System!

"Its only been a month and I've already built four sites, TWO of which I sold on eBay for a total of $2240 (after Fee-bay took their hefty share)!!

Thanks for all the great support!"

~ Justin, Houston, TX

"Follow Me as I Take a Serious,
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With EZ Empire Builder, You Can Take...

And, Turn it Into...

Build a 25,000 Page, Quality Website
In Less Than 1-Hour!

But, that's only the beginning!

What you're seeing above is a simple, raw, thrown together site built with EZ Empire builder in only 10-15 minutes, start to finish. But, you can EASILY take it to the next level by fine tuning and adding in all sorts of monetization methods, banners, ads, related content, related links, and the list goes on!

I'll explain exactly how down below!

EZ Empire Builder not only makes the task of site creation easy but, it also has built-in features that help earn you REAL MONEY in countless ways!

Why You SHOULD Already be Using EZ Empire Builder!

Have you ever done a Google search for song lyrics? I do it all the time.

Fact is, the majority of the sites you'll find doing a search like this were created using the VERY SAME or very similar databases to populate their pages. Do you think they typed all the lyrics by hand?

No Way!

In the below screen shots and video I'll show you this top Google search result for the above term.

This site has Top 10 Rankings for our search term, which is awesome, but check out all the various ways being used to earn income!

CPA offers

Banner Ads

Amazon Banners

Adsense and more!

Top Ranked Pages on Google!

All Powered by a Simple Database!

My Video Explains How it is Done!

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STOP Spending Thousands of Dollars to Build Database Driven Web Sites!

Fire Your Programmer!

And, Begin Building Sites in MINUTES...

...By Yourself!

Yes, EZ Empire Builder Makes it Easy, Even If you Have NO Programming Knowledge!

Watch EZ Empire Builder In Action!

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Did You Know Auto-Blogging is perhaps The Single Most Talked About SEO Technique On Internet Marketing Forums...?

And There's a GOOD Reason For It!

There is soooo much money to be made from Auto-blogging!

But, auto-blogging is NO COMPARISON to what you can accomplish with EZ Empire Builder. The Secret is in combing the powerful BENEFITS of auto-blogging with the advanced FEATURES of EZ Empire Builder!

EZ Empire Builder is FULL of Powerful Features

Easily Import common database formats - No need to mess around with confusing database import commands or complex database console panels. Simply pick your file and hit 'Import'.

On-the-fly category creation - Our built-in features save you time and greatly increase your SEO efforts.

Schedule posts to publish over time to multiple categories - Complete automated publishing over time safeguards your site from being falsely flagged as a spam site, keeps your site updated daily and makes your site appear fresh and active — two little known things Search Engines watch for when ranking your site.

User-defined date range features - Keeps you in full control of your posting schedules

User-friendly, drag and drop template creation - EZE was built for ease of use. This sexy new feature results in simple drag-n-drop template creation.

Unlimited post capabilities - No limits!

Posts-Per-Day feature - You're in total control!

Content spinning for more unique content - Content is King! WP Spinner is an addon feature that brings you powerful spinning features for use with EZ Empire Builder. If you've bought any of our past products, you probably ALREADY own this plugin. If not, you're totally missing out! Get your copy today!

Option to strip out HTML tags from database fields - EZ Empire Builder is robust enough to handle nearly any situation.


But, EZ Empire Builder is NOT an Auto-blogging software. Its even BETTER!

EZ Empire Builder takes all of the most powerful aspects of autoblogging and combines that with the ability to easily create unique content that peope actually find useful and that can attract search engine rankings, web traffic, sell CPA offers and affiliate products, generate ad clicks, even power and fully support 2nd tier business models like web development, site flipping, PR Backlink selling and the list goes on.

EZ Empire Builder is packed full of powerful features that make this a serious, must have tool for any Internet marketer and even the serious SEO developer.

Yet, its simple enough to use that the novice web developer can download, install, setup and begin using EZ Empire Builder comfortably within minutes without any previous experience.

Its EVEN ideal for non-technical folks who have little or no experience who want to build a site on your own without spending thousands of dollars hiring a web development company.

Truly User Friendly Software...

We like to use our tools, not just sell them. So, we know what features people want because WE want them, TOO!

That's why we've included many features that make EZ Empire Builder sites MUCH more powerful, profitable and easier to use — for our users AND for us!

For Example...

Take a Look at How We Make EZ Empire Builder Sites Completely Customizable

Monetize EVERY Aspect of your Sites With Features Like...

Image Controls: Our advanced image management and image scraping features allows you to pull images from Flickr (legally — No copyright issues) using user defined search criteria.

Want to insert album covers for each song posted in your Lyrics site? How about inserting a Flickr image related to a search for, "The Beatles?"

Or, better yet, why not get specific like,

"[song name] [album name] album cover"

which would be replaced with something like,

"The Beatles Abbey Road album cover"

As you can see, this sort of functionality give you incredible image insertion controls at your finger tips along with precise image sizing and styling.

Adsense Ads: Google Ads can be placed anywhere within your page template to laser target offers to related to your niche.

Banners, Affiliate and CPA Offers: Earn income by placing banners and text ads anywhere within your tempalte.

Clickbank Ads: Optionally, you can place keyword targeted Clickbank Ads throughout your site.

Custom Fields: Create your very own custom fields! This is a key feature that gives you immeasurable control over your templates by letting you generate customized data fields. For example, you can insert javascripts, HTML, custom rotating banner sets, rotating link sets and the list goes on. You are truly only limited by your imagination!

As you may be beginning to see, EZ Empire Builder gives you unparalleled control over site development and helps you easily create extraordinary sites in mere minutes.

But, so far, we're barely scratching the surface of what EZ Empire Builder is really all about. The REAL advantages of EZE can only be seen by looking closer...

Check Out Some of The Amazing Benefits That You Will Instantly Gain When You Start Using EZ Empire Builder:

Quality Content that will greatly benefit you AND your readers. The problem with the typical Autoblog software is that it posts over-saturated content from RSS Feeds.

Whats even more troubling is that the content they post is merely a single, tiny intro paragraph pulled from the full article. The visitor is forced to click a link and EXIT your site in order to find the valuable content they're looking for.

With EZ Empire Builder, the visitor is there for YOUR content. This fact alone makes EZ Empire Builder an immediate winner over any RSS Feed Grabber!

I'll even provide a video course teaching you how you can easily find thousands of databases free for download in nearly any niche. In fact, I'll share with you many sources for low cost or free databases that you can download quickly and easily for use with EZ Empire Builder.

Appear more productive and reliable to your return visitors. With the ability to publish any number of pages to your site daily, your reader base will appreciate your site even more. Even if you go away on vacation, your site still gets updated like clockwork and your site NEVER looks dead or outdated!

Get more Search Engine listings from popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others by posting fresh content, daily. More listings means a greater chance of #1 rankings in the Search Engines and a HUGE increase in site traffic.

Get High PR and Sell Backlinks for Profit — Create very LARGE sites, quickly. With EZ Empire Builder you can create a 100,000 page website with as little work as it would take to build a 100 page site. As an added bonus, sites with xx,000 pages typically get a PR4 on Google after 4-5 months. You can sell PR4 backlinks on forums to other Internet Marketers for a nice residual monthly income.

Supplement your income and earn money with an increase in site traffic and more ways to monetize your site than ever before with CPA offers, affiliate offers, adsense ads and more!

Flip Sites — Build a $1000-$5000 site in 2-3 hours. Because of the high quality of EZE sites, its easy to flip it on, or any number of "site auction forums" for a major profit. Just one more real viable ways of making serious cash with EZ Empire Builder.

Dream Tool for Web Developers — If you are a web developer (or want to become one) EZ Empire Builder will not only help you build a nice portfolio quickly, but even give you a simple-to-use, powerful site building system to sell custom site builds targeting any niche for $1000-$5000 each.

Its no fun feeling trapped into paying for traffic. Stop paying expensive PPC advertising networks for their clicks. Save on advertising costs by generating your own organic Search Engine results that DON'T go away the moment you stop paying for them. With EZ Empire Builder you can generate REAL top rankings that you NEVER have to pay for!

Domain Parking on Steroids — Most of us have a few web domains sitting around collecting dust. With EZ Empire Builder you can put that domain to use by quickly building a money making web site in minutes capable of generating real traffic, real sign-ups and real money!

EZ Empire Builder takes just minutes to install so you can begin enjoying the benefits almost immediately.

Once You Pick Your Niche and Download a Database, Here's How it Works!

Do a 5-minute installation of Wordpress. (5-Minutes)

Install a new wordpress theme and upload EZ Empire Builder + other SEO related plugins (we provide a list of the suggested plugins + settings for Wordpress!) (15 Minutes)

Create a Post Template and Apply Settings for EZE (15-45 Minutes)

Customize Your Template To Your Liking (Optional)

Thats it! You're Done!

"EZ Empire Builder!"

Read what my BETA Testers and Pre-launch
customers have to say about EZ Empire Builder!

"I didn't realize how huge most databases are. I made 6 totally different sites from one single database I bought for $40! I figure, the first week I've already made back the money I spent on EZ Empire Builder AND have already made 3 CPA Sales at $35 each! :)"
Alan Y.
Las Vegas, NV

"You're right. EZ Empire Builder is not even close to a standard autoblog system. Its FAR better and I can see how this will make me some serious income. Now that I've watched your awesome videos, I'm very excited to get started!"
Steven S.
Chicago, IL

"Is this legal? Haha! I feel sort of like I'm getting over on the system somehow. I sell web design to clients and this week I decided to give EZ Empire Builder a go with a client. I actually sold two sites this week. Normally I charge less but you mentioned $1-5K per site so I quoted $4,000 on each. Guess what? I made $6,500 off of TWO SITES that took me one days work to build. LOL! Where can I send you a donation??? EZE is really awesome!"
Stella W.
Russellville, AR

"I recently used EZE to broaden out to 3 sub-niches in my main niche like you had suggested in the LA Seminar. I was hoping it would help a little but was amazed how much it has helped me! My main site has jumped to #7 in Google from nowhere to be found! I think its because of the huge number of inbound links I was able to add from the related EZE sites! I just wanted to say thank you for a great product."
Angela E.
San Diego, CA

"I've sold 2 EZ sites on Flippa and 3 on eBay this month for a nice profit. Nobody has a clue how easy this is."
Jackson B.
St Louis, MO

"I've bought a lot of marketing tools in my time but EZ Empire Builder is the most profitable tool I've ever bought. It doesn't only save me time but I've been able to make my first real earnings since using EZE after a long time trying. I'd recommend it to anybody, period."
Mark E.
Dallas, TX

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Don't just trust what I have to say about EZ Empire Builder.

Here's what some other GREAT customers had to say about how EZ Empire Builder helped them generate traffic and EARN MONEY on auto-pilot!

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Most software I buy helps save me time or money and if I'm really lucky, it even helps me MAKE money. EZ Empire Builder does all THREE to the max! When it comes to building sites, its all about quality. The sites I'm building now with this tool... you'd have no idea I'm even USING a tool!

An outstanding product!

Bob S.
Denver, CO

"Loving how easy it is!"

I am absolutely loving how easy it is to use EZ Empire Builder. Thanks for taking the time to make it easy enough that I don't have to flex the brain muscle too hard to wrap my mind around it.

I'm not the most technical person and I couldn't do programming to save my life! Yet, I still want to get my hands dirty. For me, EZ Empire Builder is the answer.

Now, I feel like I'm able to make chess moves with my checker hands! :)

Richard S.
Liverpool, UK

(Testimonials are unsolicited and unedited)...

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Hi, I'm Gerry, one of the creators of EZ Empire Builder. I think you'll find EZ Empire Builder extremely valuable and easy to use and if you run into any problems we have a slave (me!) standing by to offer top of the line email support!

And, if by some freak turn of events I'm wrong and you DO NOT simply LOVE EZ Empire Builder, you can simply return it within 30-Days for a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


P. S. Don't forget, I am here to help! And, my video training course is yours FREE to help you GET SETUP and GET STARTED using EZ Empire Builder within minutes!